How would you describe your style? 

Mostly modern. Clean....Oh, and colorful! Something you'll still look back on and appreciate years later. I like trends like everybody else, but I try to maintain consistency. If filters or film are what you're into, I can do that too.

Are you a natural light photographer, or do you use flash?

I'm fluent in both! Whether I use studio flash depends on the session type, the time of day, the desired look or theme and a bunch of other factors. Most on-location engagement and portrait sessions are done with natural light, but I almost always use flash for wedding receptions and studio portraits. 

How long does it take to receive our photos?

Usually within two to three weeks for weddings, and under a week for smaller sessions. I like to keep on top of things, so I tend to have quicker turn-around times than most.

How will I get my photos?

You'll be able to download them digitally! DVDs and flash drives are so 2010. Plus they can get lost or break. With my digital delivery system, you can access your photos anywhere, anytime, forever. Photos are securely stored in the cloud with multiple backups so your photos are safe no matter what. 

Will I receive edited pictures?

Of course! I always do basic editing on every picture, converting from RAW format and adjusting for the basics like exposure, contrast, white balance, etc. However, extensive retouching of skin in photoshop is not included as that takes about ten times as long as the entire wedding!

Can I have all of the unedited pictures you took at our wedding?

Sorry, no. However you will absolutely receive all the pictures I take at your wedding minus the ones with blinks, lame facial expressions, test shots, and so on.

Will I receive the high resolution files? Can I get the photos printed on my own?

Yes you will and yes you can! I always provide the highest full resolution files for my clients. You will never pay extra for high resolution. And yes, you can absolutely take the high resolution files and get them printed on your own. As an added convenience, you can order prints directly through my site by clicking the green "Buy Photo" button. This will allow you to see crop and framing sizes and have them shipped directly to your door from a professional lab. However, that is never required and you are free to get your pictures printed however you choose.

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