About - Erick Joseph

My Story

I wasn't always a photographer. I've been a care-taker for animals, a retail worker, and a security specialist. Since then, I've gone to college, landed a professional career, traveled all over the country, visited a few national parks and climbed some mountains along the way. It's been an exciting ride to say the least. I didn't start with weddings, I started with nature. I was a professional wildlife photographer for four years. Most of the time I spent traveling was in search of exotic wildlife to photograph. After four years of having a front row seat to the most amazing animal encounters on earth, I've decided to settle down in New Jersey and grow my roots as a wedding and portrait photographer.

Wildlife and Conservation

The environment, its inhabitants, and conservation are near and dear to my heart. I have spent countless hours and many miles tracking animals through the countryside, up and down mountains, through wet swamps, and across frozen tundras. I've had my ups and downs but with each new experience my appreciation for this planet and our natural resources has grown. I'm sure you're well aware of the issues facing our planet. Global warming, pollution, and population pressure just to name a few. I hope you'll join me in appreciating our beautiful planet and it's wildlife by taking a moment to browse through a small collection of wildlife images I've taken over the last four years by clicking nature in the menu on the top of this website.

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